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Cloud Computing

Cloud is a new concept of networking based on something called as Virtualization. Using this concept of Virtualization to provide different kinds of services to Users, small scale to large scale companies. Image Courtesy from Wiki which is originally by OmniGroup These services are mainly classified into, 1. SaaS -- Software as a Service 2. PaaS -- Platform as a Service 3. IaaS -- Infrastructure as a Service 4. HaaS -- Hardware as a Service Cloud makes any service available online making users access everything that they need with few clicks. To understand better, following is a youtube video from IBM's BlueMix Cloud. You can watch this video and see that its so simple to have your own site created on a server to which you can choose hardware configurations. Enjoy the Video from IBM BlueMix -- CLICK HERE Also refer to Wiki link for more details and History --  Click Here Happy Learning.

Basics of Unix/Linux

Like Networking even Basics of Unix or Linux Knowledge will help get a better job. Refer to the links below for knowledge on Unix and Linux, Enjoy your reading. 

Basics of Networking

In DBMS first thing that any one should know is Client Server Architecture. This is not only true for DBMS but for anyone in IT should have basic knowledge of networking. You can read about basics of networking from the links below. client _ server _krm_01may2002.ppt Enjoy your reading.