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More Free Online Tests and Certifications

1. , This site gives your free online tests and helps you build your resume. Tests are for older version, why bother when its free. 2. WIZIQ.COM     Oracle Certified Associate -- ,     For DBA -- ,     SQL -- This site gives you multiple tests which will help you prepare for OCA exams. 3. Not that great certifications but kind of ok to have certifications in different domains.

LDAP NULL BASE SEARCH/ Disabling Put and Delete methods

Follow the steps below to disable Null Base search on Oracle Ldap Oracle Internet Directory, 1. First check if anonymous bind is enabled, ldapbind -h localhost -p 389 -D cn=orcladmin This means anonymous bind is enable 2. Now check the parameter, ldapsearch -h localhost -p 389 -D "cn=orcladmin" -w xxxx -s base -b "" "(objectclass=*)" "orclanonymousbindsflag" 3. Create an ldif file disable.ldif to set the flag to 0 with the following contents, dn: changetype: modify replace: orclanonymousbindsflag orclanonymousbindsflag: 1  4. Run ldapmodify to make the changes on your ldap server. ldapmodify -h localhost -p 389 -D "cn=orcladmin" -w xxxx -f disable.ldif