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Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 Users

Am one of Windows XP lovers for its simple, elegant and yet faster interface with less bug free environment.

Lately I was forced to used Windows 7 which is part of my companies policy to move to a supported version of windows for all the laptops. With all the resistance I had to move to Windows 7 for RAM's sake that is Random Access Memory.

Windows XP does not support more than 3GB of memory, and my laptops are always loaded with too may Application Servers, Databases and Software's.

Nothing is perfect in this world and even Windows 7 is not perfect and it cannot run many of the applications that I use.

Also one major problem with Windows 7 is that it cannot run Jinitiator which is used for E-Biz Suite prior to Even Oracle does not support Windows 7 client with Jinitiator, refer to Oracle Support document formerly metalink document,

Is The Oracle Jinitiator JRE / Plugin Compatible Or Certified With Windows 7? [ID 1234626.1]

Most of my customer run 11i with Jinitiator, I was trying to find some workaround and landed up discovering Windows XP mode for Windows 7.

Microsoft has added several new features to Windows Virtual PC to make it easy to use and to help you run many older Windows XP applications in Windows 7.
  • One click launch of Windows XP Mode applications
  • USB support

 Refer to official announcement and details on XP Mode with the link below,

To get this feature you need to have a Registered/Genuine Windows 7.

Download the software from the link below,

Before you download the software and install check if your Desktop or Laptop has Visualization feature. This is an hardware feature without this one will not be able to configure XP Mode or use Windows Virtual PC.

For more information refer to the link below,

 Download hardware detection tool from microsoft to check if hardware assisted Visualization is available and enabled on your PC/Laptop.

If the requirement is met then download and install Windows XP mode  and then Windows Virutal PC with the link below,

I had a problem after installation and my Virtual PC would not start,

 "Application Error - The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005)

I almost gave up Windows XP mode due to this error.  I had to remove Connetify application and make some modifications in my registry.


raju said…
what if we dont have a genuine w7....

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