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How to create batch file to start and stop Oracle Service on Windows

Everytime you want to start or stop a database service you will have to either do this using sqlplus prompt or through windows services. There is a much simpler way of stopping or starting a database.

Follow the steps below.

Create a file with an extension .bat for example start.bat

Open this file and add the following line in it.


Create another file as stop.bat, open this file and add the following line.

NET STOP OracleServiceORCL

Here I have 3 words,

1. NET helps start and stop services.
2. START/STOP -- Keyword means start or stop the services
3. OracleServiceORCL -- This is the service name of the database which has been installed on my windows.

To start the database just double click on start.bat and to stop the database double click on stop.bat.

To know the service name of the database on your machine, follow the steps below.

1. Go to Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Click on Services icon.

This will open a window show below.

Here scroll down to names starting with alphabet O check for anything starting with Oracle.

Highlighted service name is the one which has to be used. If you have installed only one Oracle database on your windows then if your database name is ORCL then you will have to start only one service and that service would be "OracleServiceORCL".

To know how to start/stop the database using SQLPLUS CLICK HERE

To know how to start/stop using services menu CLICK HERE


Bharath Machireddy said…
i have tried this and working fine .

but if we double click that .bat file ,it won't working ,after clicking run as administrator it works fine.

thank you
khawaja asif hameed said…
Sir you are right but after running JAZN.jar file script my isqlplus/dba was not running or in simple word authentication required windows not been successfully done.
Rajiv said…
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Zoomi786 said…
Hi Mithun,
when i tried to start enterprize manager i got this massege...what should i do?

Error: java.lang.Exception: Exception in sending Request :: null
suresha said…
Hi sir,
I am working in Oracle india pvt ltd .as business operation analyst.i want to go development side ,thats why i want to do Oracle DB course .have you teach oracle db course?Please suugest me

Thank you
Kiran Rao said…
Sir i want to download so called "BIBLE" of SQL/PLSQL which you had shown in your last class i tried but not getting that link.. Now am working for Estuate software since 26-nov-2012 in an ERP domain in mangalore so please help in downloading that i got this job through JSPIDERS actually had other job in banagalore also that is in QSG Technologies but i selected ESTUATE since my native is UDUPI .. Hope you will reply soon since i want to download it badly ..

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