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Abnormal Program Termination. An internal error has occurred. Please provide the following files to Oracle Support./ Installing Oracle 10g on Windows 7/Vista

This video will take you through the steps to install Oracle 10g Release 2 on Windows 7 (Same steps work for Windows Vista). Usually if you install Oracle database on window 7/Vista you would get an error,

Abnormal Program Termination. An internal error has occurred. Please provide the following files to Oracle Support.

Follow the steps shown in this video to successfully install Oracle Database on Windows 7/Vista.


Unknown said…
still not installing..showing error msg. as 'insufficient previlage'
Unknown said…
still not installing..showing error msg. as 'insufficient previlage'
PC said…
Although Mithun has demonstrated how to workaround installation of Oracle 10gR2 32bit on MS Windows 64bit (and it worked for me), its not supported by Oracle. Pls refer metalink note id: 1060806.1

raul said…
regarding character strings qstn was display name,empno,deptno for employee kiran but employee kiran is not der in our table i took other name.. query goes like this
select empno,ename,deptno from emp
where lower(ename)='Allen' but no rows wer selected..only if i give it in original format then only it displays the result...lower(ename) shud convert it and shud display result ryt?
Mithun Ashok said…
Hi PC,

It even throws the same error sometimes while installing 64bit DB and this version of DB is supported.

Abcd said…
It was really helpful. Thanks a lot.
Naveen said…
Hi mithun

Thank you very much for your support.

i am facing this problem from past 6 months, by watching your blog i got problem and solved.

once again thank you.
Harish_kumar_bk said…
Thankyou sir for all the information.
Ramanath said…
Hello Mithun,
Am getting below error when I try to open SQL*plus, Please let me know how I can resolve this issue?

ORA-12154: TNS: could not resolve the connect identifier specified

Thanks in advance..!!!
Mithun Ashok said…
Youre welcome...
Mithun Ashok said…

This means that you have not started your database. Start your database from Windows services and then try to login.
Radhika Karanth said…
is 10g express edition OK to install and practice?
Bhavya08 said…
Installation video is very helpful, by watching this video its very easy to install database in windows7.

Thanks mithun,
Prajwal said…
Thanks a lot Mithun,
This helps!
shank said…
hello sir,
oracle initialization or shutdown in progress is the error its showing when i tried to login . please help me with this.
samanth said…
am gettin account is locked error plzz help
Soheila Saadati said…
thanx alot,god bless you
Emmanuel said…

That is one of the most helpful info I have ever gotten from the net....Thanks alot
Sebastian Ramirez said…
Miguel Zumbado said…

I'm using Windows 7 Pro and trying to install Oracle 10g, same as the video.

BUT when I go to properties -> Compatibility -> and check on Run this program in compatibility mode for:

I don't have Windows XP neither Windows 98 in the list

How can I include older versions of windows in that list?

Anonymous said…
thanks a lot.. its working !!
Anonymous said…
Thank you it worked for me on a Windows Server 2008!
Unknown said…
Am not able to uninstall oracle10g ... although am running it on xp !
The same error is showed .... Plz resolve this issue .
Unknown said…
Hi Mith!
I have already install it and some program are not running fine and I have to deinstall it, I try with same way for installation but no success! oracle 10g on win7 64 bit
Unknown said…
hi sir,
i installed the s/w in win7 professional 32 bit n while doing password management i removed tick marks for hr and scott entered the password as tiger and first time i runned it as admin and i m getting error as user and password denied pls tell me what has to be done.
Ann said…
Hi Sir,
I need a help in installing Oracle 10g. While installing it, im encountering an error like "The value of environment variable path is more than 1023 characters. This value cannot be set" The options available are : Help, Retry, Ignore and Cancel. Please tell me what should I do now..

Unknown said…
my laptop has been formatted. how to download oracle10g
Unknown said…
configure the compatiability mode, and set it to xp....worked for me
Rana said…
Follow the steps shown in this video to successfully install Oracle Database on Windows 7/Vista.

Where is video?
Prakash patra said…
the value of the environment variable path is more than 1023 characters this value cannot be set this error is coming while installing. pleas heal me
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Unknown said…
Gud noon sir.
I am facing problem when installing .
Windows 7, 32 bit OS, i am using. Disappearing installation window, after entering the password. Please resolve the problem

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