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C:\WINDOWS\system32\cisvc.exe consumes too much CPU

Lately whenever I restart my laptop I see that CISVC.exe service starts consuming 99.99% CPU. Every time I restart my laptop I had to kill this service to have my laptop behaving normal. It was high time to do some research on this service. Here are some details about this process. Display Name: Indexing Service Description: Indexes contents and properties of files on local and remote computers; provides rapid access to files through flexible querying language. Path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cisvc.exe This is a standard windows service and do not delete the executable. Indexing files on your system is useful and helps improve performance. This service usually runs if you have done some file transfers recently. No matter what this service can be easily handled. Follow the steps below. 1. Open services.msc. Go to RUN --> type services.msc and press enter 2. Now search for Indexing Service 3. Stop the service and set startup type to Manual. Restart and cisvc does not app

What is Oracle AIM? or just OUM now....

What is Oracle AIM? Oracle AIM is Oracle's Application Implementation Methodology and was Oracle's Project Management methodology and implementation strategy. It provides documentation templates that support the tasks that must be performed to assist the implementation participants in running and managing projects successfully. When I say ' was ', AIM has already been retired by Oracle as of Feb 2011. Last version before it was retired was 3.1 and it was called AIM Advantage. Refer to the link below for published information on AIM retirement. I fairly remember using some of the templates from 3.0 for few of my projects few years back. These templates simplify a lot of common steps towards any implementation. Only issue was to know different templates available. Google on for Oracle AIM and you may find some links to download these templates separately or together bundled in an

Oracle Technology Day on Data Integration -- 18th May 2011 Bangalore at Oberoi's

One of the conferences that I attended over last few months was Oracle Technology Day on Data Integration. This happened on may 18th 2011. Couple of presentations on Data Integration and GoldenGate. Interesting topic for me was on GoldenGate 11g Zero downtime upgrades and migration. This is one of beautiful features of GoldenGate through which you can achieve Zero downtime for upgrades or migration (This does not mean that no downtime required, downtime can be reduced to nearly zero but not zero). Unfortunately this feature cannot be used with CRM/ERP upgrades as E-Business Suite is not completely supported by GoldenGate. There are about 20 objects specific to E-biz suite which are still under development to be included with GoldenGate. As GoldenGate is an acquired product Oracle this development will take some time to get supported. Following are the list of presentations and details of the sessions I attended. Please go through this, share it with your colleagues/friends and let me k