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Standalone/In-process Reports Server High Availability

Lately i have been involved in multiple HA configurations for Ebusiness suite, stand alone forms, iAS. Each of these are well tried and tested methods and there are only few consequences where these fail during initial configuration. But with stand alone reports HA atleast to my knowledge there is very little documentation or customers who implement reports load balancing is very less. Either customers choose to keep reports server on a different node and route all their requests to 1 node or use session persistance and run report on the same sever where forms requests are routed. For standalone reports mainly ones needs to understand that reports can run as standalone reports process or in-process(oc4j BI Forms). By default when you install 10GiAS(with forms and reports), oc4j services for forms and reports are configured into 1 single oc4j call oc4j_BIForms. One can configure stand alone reports after default installation, use metalink document, 862546.1 : Is it possible to