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Autoconfig -- Indetail

Autoconfig as the name says used for automatic configuration/regeneration/reconfiguration for most of/all  the configuration files in Oracle Applications. This is one of the AD tools that i will be starting to detail. Autoconfig can either be started using a shell script in Unix or cmd executable in windows under $COMMON_TOP/admin/script/$CONTEXT_NAME/ for Unix This inturn calls a shell script under $AD_TOP/bin. You can either use or to run autoconfig. Only difference is that you will have to supply the context file(SID_host.xml) if you run APPS password is mandatory for autoconfig, so make sure you have apps password handy before starting autoconfig. Follwing are the details after is invoked through 1. Check Perl version 2. Locate Perl and its libraries(For application tier or for database tier  -- If application tier then locate perl in  APACHE_TOP, for database tier then ORACLE_HOME)