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Modifying OID startup parameter -- configset0

There are 2 ways to modify OID configuration set.

1. Through Oracle Directory Manager console.

A. Login to Oracle Directory Manager console,
B. Click on Server Management --> Default Configuration Set

Modify required values

2. From backend using ldapmodify.

A. To list configset from command prompt

ldapsearch -p  -h  -D cn=orcladmin -w  -L -b "cn=configset0,cn=osdldapd,cn=subconfigsubentry" -s base objectclass=*

dn: cn=configset0, cn=osdldapd, cn=subconfigsubentry
orclsslwalleturl: file:
orclsslversion: 3
orclsslport: 636
orclsslenable: 2
orclsslauthentication: 1
orclserverprocs: 4
orclsaslmechanism: DIGEST-MD5
orclsaslmechanism: EXTERNAL
orclsaslcipherchoice: rc4-56
orclsaslcipherchoice: des
orclsaslcipherchoice: 3des
orclsaslcipherchoice: rc4
orclsaslcipherchoice: rc4-40
orclsaslauthenticationmode: 1
orclnormdn: cn=configset0,cn=osdldapd,cn=subconfigsubentry
orclnonsslport: 389
orclmaxcc: 10
objectclass: top
objectclass: orclConfigSet
objectclass: orclLDAPSubConfig

Checking Application versions

Checking Portal version:

select * from portal.wwc_version$;

SSO Version:

SQL> select version from orasso.WWC_VERSION$;


OID Version:

$ORACLE_HOME/ldap/bin>oidldapd -version
oidldapd: Release - Production on fri jun 4 22:12:16 2010
Copyright (c) 1982, 2008 Oracle. All rights reserved.

Oracle Applications -- Ebussiness Suite:

SQL> select release_name from applsys.fnd_product_groups;