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Changing user password in Oracle Applications 10.7

Unlike 11i 10.7 does not have any utility for changing passwords for application users. Follow the steps below to change the password of any application user on 10.7. Example is shown for sysadmin user.

1. Find the encrypted value that ICX_CALL.CRCHASH is returning for the SYSADMIN password

In SQL*Plus as APPS owner:

SQL> variable x number

SQL> execute :x :=icx_call.crchash('SYSADMIN', 'sysadmin');

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed

SQL> print x

2. Change SYSADMIN's encrypted password to the value returned for x.

SQL> update fnd_web_users
          set password = 'VALUE RETURNED FOR X'
          where username = 'SYSADMIN';

3. Login as SYSADMIN/sysadmin. This should now be successful.

NOTE: Take a backup of FND_WEB_USERS before changing the password.

If the above procedure does not work or if you do not find the scripts then you must be on a lower version of AOL, try the following (This should work).

1. Take a backup of table FND_…