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PCP -- Parallel Concurrent Processing

I often get queries about PCP(Parallel Concurrent Processing) and its configuration. I will try to include all such details in this blog which will help configure PCP step by step. PCP makes sense on a RAC environment else there is no point having PCP atleast for me. POINT1: Check if you require PCP to load balance or to be used as failover. If both the nodes then, Change the names of the concurrent managers say SM:Node A and Assign PRIMARY and SECONDARY Nodes to that manager. Then duplicate the record and change the name to SM:Node B for the 2nd manager and change the PRIMARY and SECONDARY Nodes Note: Ensure the hostname should be only the name of the host from uname -a command, not the virtual hostname. Do it for all the managers in the instance including tx mgr, internal mgr EXCEPT Internal Monitor. Following configuration details are from metalink document 362135.1 section 3.12. Check PCP Prerequisites It is assumed that you have more than one Concurrent processing tiers