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admrgpch -- One way/Highway to apply multiple patches

This utility is availabble under under AD_TOP/bin There are 2 ways to you can use this utility. Just copy all the patches that you need to merge as single patch. Make sure that they all belong to the same version. Open the driver file and check the version in the header. compatible release 11.5.0 compatible platform GENERIC characterset us7ascii extension recordpatch 4219646 US extension patch_type software base compatible feature checkfile NLS lang and release should be the same for all the patches which will be merged as one. Place all the zip files under one directory and unzip all the patches in the same directory. This becomes your source and create a directory at the same level where you have the source directory. Following are the usage details. usage: admrgpch -help admrgpch admrgpch -s -d [-verbose ] [-merge_name ] [-manifest ] [-logfile ]where * -help Print help message. * -verbose Can be one of: { 0(SILENT),