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How to clone an Express/OFA instance

First make sure that the OS and its Parameters are set to the same values as the source system. Copy the entire Express and OFA installation to the destination(Clone) server. Retain its directory structure. Follow the steps below to configure the Clone. 1. Got to the directory where you have all your database files by default it will be under ORACLE_HOME/<>dba name<>/users/<>workstation name<> 2. Open the cfg file for the current workstation/analyst/db. 3. Notedown the path mentioned for variable "OFASYSCFPATH" 4. Goto OFASYSCFPATH 5. Open ofasyscf.cfg Change SHAREDHOST and SUPERHOST to the destionation ipadress 6. Note the path for super user database and move on to step 7. 7. Open the database database using Express administrator. Browser for user.catalog under Variables tree (If there is no user.catalog then move ) Goto data section, under this modify the ipaddress for all the databases to the destination address. Notedown the databas